Held annually on the last Sunday in March, Neighbourhood Day is a celebration of community and a way to say thank you for being a great neighbour. So, how do you get great neighbours so you too can appreciate Neighbourhood Day?

Find the right neighbourhood

Here are some things to consider when looking to buy in a new neighbourhood:
  • Visit at different times of the day to listen and smell what’s going on
  • Find out the neighborhoods’ crime rate
  • Factor in any good schools in the area as this can affect resale value
  • Research future development plans in the area
  • Find out what services are available from the local council
  • Talk to people in the area and seek their opinion
  • Consider access to shopping centres, beaches, parks, etcetera.
Be a good neighbour

Everyone has different criteria to what makes a good neighbourhood but there are simple things everyone can do to be a good neighbour:
  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Consider your neighbours lifestyle and help them understand yours
  3. Be aware of shared walls
  4. Control your pets in a considerate manner
  5. Practice parking etiquette
  6. Alert your neighbours to parties/events
  7. Keep your garden tidy
  8. Be helpful and courteous
  9. Put rubbish out on the right day
  10. Communicate regularly with your neighbor
Head to the Neighbourhood Day website to find out more.

Do you know who the people in your neighbourhood are?