Are you looking for a house in an affordable price range? The Affordable Homes Program may be able to help.
This program offers homes for sale to eligible households on a low to moderate income.

Properties within the Affordable Homes Program are required to be sold at or below a specified price point, which is reviewed annually. These properties are exclusively available to eligible households for a minimum of 30 days before then being offered for sale on the open market.
To be eligible, everyone who will be listed on the certificate of title must meet all of these criteria:
  • are aged 18 years or older
  • are a South Australian resident, or have intent to become a South Australian resident
  • don’t own or part own any residential property or land
  • intend to be the owner occupier
  • meet the income and asset tests (income and asset limits for the Affordable Homes Program).
For more information about the Affordable Homes Program, visit

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