Are you interested in what others have to say about their HomeStart experience?

Then take a look right here and listen to Moira’s story.

While working as a nurse and juggling single motherhood, Moira achieved her city-living dream by taking advantage of the stamp duty concessions available in the Adelaide City Council.

If you are looking to build your home, first home buyer Zoe highlights how HomeStart consultants can step you through the process and help you get started sooner.

Building with HomeStart includes many benefits:
  • reduce the amount you need upfront
  • choose no loan repayments for the first 9 months
  • save on stamp duty costs
  • build the home you want
  • buy land now to build on later.
If you aren’t looking to build or buy, then perhaps you own your own home? If so, you could free the equity you have built over the years with a reverse mortgage.

Watch retirees Cheryl and Allen’s story to see how they have used the Seniors Equity Loan to get started on home renovations.

Through a reverse mortgage, over 60s can release the equity built in their home and spend it on:
  • a new car
  • a dream holiday
  • home improvements
  • supplementing your regular income to help you live more comfortably.
So, whether you own your home, are looking to build or buy, there is a HomeStart customer who has already done it.

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