Nic Maumill, Copywriter/Art Director at Showpony Advertising, shares his insights on our somewhat unusual video about getting into your own home sooner!

When people make the decision to buy their first home, it should be an exciting time. After all, a home is one of the biggest assets anyone will ever have.

The problem is, many first home buyers usually go to a bank when looking for a home loan and the high deposit that banks require mean people could be saving for a really long time before they can even get their loan – it's a pretty frustrating position to be in.

Showpony has been working with HomeStart for a few years now, and we understand that saving for your first home can feel like it’s taking forever, right? We decided to show people a cautionary tale of just how long it could take, and let them know that with less upfront fees and a smaller deposit, HomeStart can get them into their own place sooner.

During a busy lunch hour on North Terrace, a portrait artist offered passers-by free caricatures while they waited. Without our subjects knowing, the artist drew them as much older versions of themselves to demonstrate what they might look like by the time they finally got around to owning their own home.

We were delighted with the overwhelming response.

So many people wanted a portrait – we even had a lineup at one point. Nothing was better than some of the responses though, and we captured all the big reveals and amazing reactions from our subjects!

Check out the video below!