Start thinking positive

If you think that home ownership is out of reach, think again. At HomeStart, we help people get started in a home of their own sooner – many of whom can’t get a loan with a mainstream lender.

In fact, since we started 25 years ago, we’ve helped more than 64,800 South Australians achieve their goals. If you can save and manage your debt, we could have a home loan option that makes all the difference for you.

I'm a first home buyer

With all those upfront costs like deposits and fees, many people are worried they’ll never get started. HomeStart offers options with deposit requirements from as little as 3%.

Most lenders charge Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). We have a Loan Provision Charge instead which costs a lot less for most customers.

I’m on a limited budget

If you’re worried about how you’d manage mortgage repayments if interest rates go up, HomeStart could be a good option. Our Repayment Safeguard helps take the stress out of interest rate changes by making your repayments more predictable.

We work out your initial repayments based on your financial situation, not just interest rates. Usually, the only change will be an adjustment for inflation once every 12 months. So if interest rates go down, you’ll pay your loan off faster. If they go up, it’ll take longer. Either way, you’ll stress less.

We also accept many Centrelink benefits as income when assessing your eligibility for a loan.

I’m starting again

Life changes, and many people can find themselves having to re-enter the housing market after a relationship breakdown. It can be hard to find the right home loan when you’re on a single income and feel your options are limited.

These are just some of the options HomeStart has on offer to make home ownership possible for you, so why not contact us today and find out how we can help you get started?