Have you ever considered switching a bad habit for a good one to help you save money?

HomeStart’s Facebook community has these ideas that could help you save from the September 2013 Switch to Save Competition.

Car pool to work – it saves on parking costs, petrol and is environmentally friendly.

Switch soft drink for tap water – it’s certainly cheaper and better for your health.

Recycle your soft drink containers, only takes ten to make a dollar. That’s $2.40 back on your average box of soft drink cans.

Switch from buying takeout to getting creative in the kitchen, if you menu plan and look for specials in store that relate to your shopping list, you can save on your grocery bill.

Swap your gym membership for exercising at home or the local park. Pair up with a friend to keep you motivated and honest!

Quit smoking!

Use cloth nappies instead of disposable ones – it could save you hundreds a year.

Look into solar energy, it could help you save on your energy costs.

Cycle instead of driving to work – it’s a 2 in 1 deal – exercise that saves on petrol and parking costs.

Swap store-bought herbs for a home grown herb garden. The herbs last longer and are cheaper.

Saving on lunch and coffee costs was very popular amongst the competition entries.

You can choose to either make your coffee at home for less or have leftovers for lunch as a way to save money on buying coffee or lunch while at work.

For more ideas, check out how to save and still have a life or the spending leaks calculator.