After all the excitement and anticipation of buying a new home, the big move can be daunting. There’s a long to-do list once you’ve moved in so here are some tips to keep in mind.

Redirect your mail

Notify your service providers of your new address including your doctor, dentist, insurance, and government agencies. Organise for your mail to be redirected with Australia Post as you’re likely to forget a few.


Contact your home and contents insurer to confirm the details you supplied are up-to-date. Once you’ve moved in, you’ll have a better idea of your specific contents and may have noticed other features of the house you may have previously missed.

Council services

Contact your local council to find out when rubbish and recycling is collected and where your local parks and services are, if you haven’t already found out. If you have pets, ensure you’ve updated their details with the new/old council and have their micro chip details updated.


Make copies of all your keys to share with residing family members and keep spares in a safe place. It’s also a good idea for at least one person that you trust who doesn’t live in the house has copies so you’re never locked out.

Get familiar

Go for a walk around the neighbourhood and get to know what’s around within walking distance if you haven’t looked into this already.

Drive around as well to get familiar with the best routes to get home. If you have children, take them along so they too can explore their new neighbourhood. Also investigate where the nearest library, parks and public transport are.

Once delivered, read your local paper in detail so you know what’s happening near you.

Lastly, say hello to the neighbours and organise your house warming!