The recent Federal Budget would certainly leave potential first home buyers feeling a bit left out, even deflated, with nothing of great note put on the table to improve housing affordability.

But while there is no new scheme or proposed silver bullet to address what remains one of the most pressing issues for Australians, there are a number of things at play from the 2018 Budget that can make a difference for those chasing that dream of home ownership.

It will, though, be a case of making the most of the small opportunities that have been presented and being committed to the cause... holding strong for that fulfilment of getting into your own home sooner than you thought possible.

The new Budget will see tax cuts that give lower and middle income earners a small boost to their funds when it comes to tax return and rebate time, at the end of financial year. While it won’t be noticed straight away, hopefully having more money in your pocket at the end of the year will lead to bigger opportunities, like securing a house deposit.

When saving to break into home ownership, every little bit counts and, with HomeStart’s low deposit loan options, it becomes clear that anything saved is a step closer to the reality of owning a home.

While the accumulated savings through the tax cuts announced in the Federal Budget may seem incidental, it will all add up, especially if you set a savings plan in place now.

No matter what the amount, lenders want to see that you have the capacity to save – so put some money away each week and put the tax cut boost you receive at the end of next financial year straight into your savings account. Every dollar will help in getting you over the line for home ownership. But most importantly, take some comfort in the fact that the journey, getting that foot in the door, does not have to be as big a task as you might think it is.

Did you know that HomeStart has low deposit loan options? You might be much closer to the possibility of home ownership than you thought, with the little boost from the Budget enough to drive you over the line of saving a minimum of $3000 held in savings for three months.

And we have everything in place to help prospective home owners take full advantage of measures announced in last year’s Budget - namely the First Home Super Saver Scheme which will allow people to make additional payments into their superannuation which they can draw on for home deposits – which comes into play from July 1.

It may not be a post-Budget sprint to get into your own home, but it does not have to be a marathon either. Show that you can be disciplined and save and there’s every chance your dreams can be a reality before too long.