If you’ve discovered you’re just not a numbers person when it comes to budgeting and accounting for your expenses, you might need the help of an accountant.
Accountants are qualified professionals who offer services beyond assistance with tax returns. They can help you keep track of your finances and highlight where your spending leaks are.

If you own your own business, their bookkeeping skills could be a great asset.
Where to look
There are many useful resources available that list accountants. Here are three starting points:
What to ask
There are many questions you can ask to see if a service could be right for you. You could start with:
  • Have they dealt  with other clients in a similar situation to yours?
  • Are they licensed and accredited? You can look up agents on the Tax Practitioners Board.
  • What upfront fees are involved?
  • How can they help you with your specific needs?
A useful resource on essential record keeping is available from the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

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