Winter. It’s the time of the year where we’re longing for wood fires, woolen socks and a big bowl of soup served with crusty bread. And while over 90% of South Australians have some form of heating in their house (ABS, 2015), it’s a good time to think about how you can make your home look, and feel warmer.

Bed linen
If you haven’t already got flannelette sheets this winter, it’s not too late. They may seem a little daggy, but you won’t be complaining when you hop into a toasty bed in the evening. Unlike cotton sheets, thread count is not an indicator of quality for flannel sheets – a fabric rating of 170 GSM or higher (or a heavy sheet), are long lasting and warm. Add an extra blanket on top of your doona, and you’ll have a bed you’re aching to snuggle into – just make sure you give all blankets that come from the back of the linen cupboard a good airing before they settle inside.

Cushions and throws
Make your couch feel cozy by adding extra cushions, with thick and textured fabrics. Velvet and woven cushions will add a warmth to your living room, as well as helping you feel snug when you’re sitting on the couch. Placing a throw on the back or the edge of your couch will have the same effect on the room, with the benefit of giving you something to hide under when you’re toes get cold.

It may be cold, but if it’s not wet, winter can be a beautiful time to be outside. Space and council regulations may restrict fire-pits and bonfires, but a small brazier can be a functional and affordable way to keep warm outside – as well as being a great place to cook (marshmallows, anyone?).

Out with the daisies
Just because it’s not spring, it doesn’t mean you can’t use flowers to enhance your space. Use rustic foliage and flowers with deep autumn colours to add warmth to your room. Australian natives a great way to add a rustic touch – dwarf banksias and acacias will work well in pots but will need to be shifted outside every so often. Or, umbrella trees are beautiful Australian native plants with a deep green leaf, and can tolerate extended periods indoors.

Mood lighting
Placing extra lamps and candles around the place can give your home a sense of drama that is perfect for winter. As it gets dark quite early in the evening, the extra lighting can simply be functional or you can use it instead of your overhead lights to create a warmth and glow. Just be warned, the latter will make you want to open another bottle of red.