Are you looking for savings tips to help your family into a home of your own? Then saving on entertaining the kids could help you get started sooner.

Here are some ideas that could help.

Head to the library
Your public library is a great place to find written adventures for the kids – and it’s free! There’s an assortment of CD’s, DVD’s, audio books and magazines available that will keep your kids entertained.

Create art
There are so many items in your own home that can transform into art. Try potato stencil making or creating some facemasks – that will keep them busy! Next time you have a party, the kids can create the decorations with streamers, play dough, Lego and whatever else comes out of their toy collection.

Camp out
Your backyard is as far as you need to go. Put up a tent and spend the night under the stars. Your kids will enjoy the change of scene and they could even have friends over. If the backyard isn’t an option, try the lounge room, kids have enough of an imagination to make do.

Visit the park
There are plenty of sporting adventures to be had in your local park. Take a soccer, tennis or basketball with you and enjoy the outdoors with the kids and do some exercise.

Consider some of these free options:
  • Going to the beach
  • Visiting the South Australian Museum
  • Checking out the Botanical Gardens