To start saving doesn’t mean you have to stop socialising or become ‘boring’.
Here are a few ideas to help you get started:
  • Save $1,040 year buy a $4 coffee only on the weekends, rather than everyday. (Saving of $20 per week.)
  • Save $260 per year Get together with flatmates or friends to buy some grocery items in bulk. Basics like rice and sugar can be divided easily, and can help you save over time. (Saving of $5 per week)
  • Save up to $180 per year cut back on the extras at the hairdresser, like the blow dry or treatment, or switch to a cheaper hairdresser. (Saving of $20 per visit every 6 weeks.)
  • Save $60 per year certain expenses come around every year, like birthdays, Easter and Christmas. Keep an eye out for potential birthday gifts during sales, or buy seasonal decorations when they are significantly reduced after the holiday. (Saving of $5 per month on gifts and decorations.)
  • Save $25 switch a lunch at a pub for a BYO picnic, and bring your own music and games, for a fun day out. (Saving of $35 pub meal versus $10 supermarket food.)
  • Save $20 going out regularly to see a movie with your friends can set you back a pretty penny. Switch a couple of movie nights in the year to a DVD night at your place, and suggest your friends bring a snack each. (Saving of $18 movie ticket versus $3 DVD rental, and $10 movie bar food versus $5 from the supermarket.)
  • Save from $10 go to a free gig instead of a paid one. You may just discover an up and coming new band! (Saving of $10 for a gig cover charge.)

Calculate how much could save by switching with our Spending Leaks calculator >

Start small by switching one expense for a cheaper one. After a short while, you may find you don’t miss that extra luxury anymore, and you’ll certainly enjoy having the extra savings in your account!