Don't know what an LVR is? Weighing up the pros and cons of home ownership? Here's a series of short videos to help you find the answers to some of the most common questions about buying a home.

Benefits of owning a home
Watch John Oliver, CEO of HomeStart, discuss the key benefits of buying a home, such as providing financial security and flexibility to turn a house into a home with your own personal touches.

Finding a house
Watch Vikki, Lending Team Leader at HomeStart, discuss the questions you need to ask yourself when looking for a home. Be prepared when buying a house by doing your research, asking lots of questions, and decide what's important to you such as size and living features.

What is LVR?
HomeStart's Lending Team Leader, Vikki, explains the Loan to Value Ratio (LVR). LVR is the percentage that the bank or lender is willing to lend towards the purchase of a new home.

How to buy a house
Watch the key stages of buying a house through sale by negotiation. When buying a house through a sale by negotiation, the real estate agent will give you a Notice of Offer form. Use the form to state the price you are offering for the house, review the settlement period and deposit amount, and add any conditions such as 'subject to finance'.

Building inspection
HomeStart explains what is involved in getting a building inspection when buying a home, and how this could save you a lot of money in the future.

The role of the Conveyancer
Conveyancers are property specialists, who handle the legal transfer of property or land. A conveyancer will provide you with services including advice about your contract, document checks, ordering Government searches and legal documentation preparation and certification. Find out what else a conveyancer can assist you with.