Have you considered taking better care of your home as a New Year’s resolution? An annual spruce-up is a great way to maintain the value of your property.

Here are some ideas from HomeStart’s CEO John Oliver to help you get started on cleansing your home.

Enliven exterior walls with a new coat of paint for a quick touch up. A high-pressure hose can bring new life to your home and show it off.  You’d be surprised how much dust accumulates over the year.

Lighten up by replacing dated light fixtures as this can make your house look tired. Consider installing dimmer switches to make the most of mood lighting.  

Refresh blinds and curtains that have faded in bright sunlight by having them dry cleaned, or add new vibrance by replacing ones that are old and worn out with new ones featuring up-to-date colours and textures. 

Chill out by installing temperature-controlling devices such as reverse cycle air conditioning and ceiling fans to cope with February’s heat. You can also add value and conserve energy by installing energy efficient and water saving devices such as solar hot water, a water efficient dishwasher, dual flush toilets and rain water tanks. 

Open up to good luck by repainting your front door or updating it to something more modern. Focus on the finishing touches by replacing chipped doorknobs and worn out door handles.

Make gardening a pleasure rather than a pain by engaging a professional landscaper to take care of the harder jobs like pruning and mulching.