With winter only a few weeks away, it’s now more important than ever to know how to avoid an electricity bill blow out. Here are some tips to help combat soaring electricity prices.

Death of the draft:
Locate and seal any gaps and cracks you may have in external walls, floors and in the ceiling. A great easy fix for those freezing door drafts is a door snake. If sealing leaky windows is not feasible, use a heavy duty sheet of clear plastic and tightly stick this to the inside of your window frame to reduce infiltration. On cold days, keep the curtains closed to keep the warmth in. On sunny winter days, get natural sun light and warmth into your house by keeping the curtains open.

Rug up:
Always dress for the weather, wear extra clothes inside and make sure you have some warm blankets ready for the couch. Heating yourself is a lot more energy efficient than heating the whole house. To stay toasty in your sleep without any heating on, invest in some flannelette sheets. However be aware, they will make getting out of bed in the morning even more difficult.

Temperature control:
If your house has heating wear extra layers of clothes so you can lower your heating thermostat without feeling the chill. By setting your heating thermostat between 17-20°C you can significantly decrease the running cost of your heater. Before winter sets in it’s important to find out what maintenance is required to keep you heater running efficiently.

Only heat the space you use:
If there are certain rooms in your house that aren’t being used, avoid heating these areas. Keep heating localised to the rooms you use most. Where possible, keep internal doors closed to the areas not being used. By reducing the area that needs to be heated it will ultimately reduce the running cost of your heater.

Go easy on your kettle:
If you need to boil water, only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need. Making your kettle work overtime by filling it to the top each time you use it is a silent assassin when it comes to electricity bill blow outs.