Hate doing the maths? We can help you calculate! Whether you’re trying to find out how much you can borrow to buy a home, how much you’ll need upfront or where your spending leaks are, there’s a calculator to help.

Try the budget test calculator. It calculates how much of your income goes towards various expenses like housing, food and savings once you enter your details. This can help you start a budget and also see what proportion of your money goes where.

If you know your credit commitments and income, use our calculator to figure out how much you could borrow to purchase a home. What will the repayments be? There’s a calculator for that too.

Saving thousands of dollars for your deposit can be daunting. This calculator helps you estimate how much in savings you’ll need including some of the fees and charges.

There’s also an article titled ‘How much will I need upfront’ to refer to and the ‘Home buying process’ to step you through.

Is your credit card holding up your savings plan? Try this calculator to see how much sooner you can pay it off by making extra repayments each month.

The credit card calculator also helps you add up the fees you pay so you can work out the cost of credit.

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