Calculate how much of your income you want to put towards various expenses like housing, food and savings.
  • 2 minutes to complete
  • quick and easy to fill out
  • provides a rough idea of the percentage of your income you can expect to put towards the various areas of your life

If you live in an area where transportation, rent or mortgage repayments are higher than normal, you may want to adjust your budget to suit.

Net income
After tax and benefits I earn:
Show my expenses for every
Expenses Percentage Amount
Housing % $0.00
Transportation % $0.00
Food % $0.00
Other (miscellaneous) % $0.00
Clothing % $0.00
Medical % $0.00
Recreation % $0.00
Utilities % $0.00
Savings % $0.00
Other debts % $0.00
Total % $0.00
Net remainder $0.00

For more budgeting and savings calculators, try Moneysmart, the Australian Government’s guide to managing your money.