Did you know that there are at least seven ways to pay most bills? Here are some of the many ways to pay a standard phone bill:
  1. Direct debit from a cheque, savings or credit card
  2. Online via the company’s website or your Internet banking, from cheque, savings or credit card
  3. Telephone from a savings or cheque account
  4. BPAY from a cheque or savings account
  5. In person at the store (if available) or at a post office by cash, cheque, savings, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card
  6. Visit Centrelink on using the automatic online deduction service from your benefits
  7. Post Billpay service is available in person at any Post Office by cash, cheque, savings or debit card

You need to find out which of these payment methods incur the least fees or interest.  Do this for every bill you pay and you could end up saving a lot of money each year.

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