Does it feel like you spend hours putting away toys? We’ve got some tips to help tame the bedroom mess. 
Toy rotation
We often find it hard to get rid of our kids’ games and toys, but you don’t need to throw everything out permanently. Try choosing a handful of toys and games to keep out in their bedroom – your child can be involved in the selection process – and store the others away in the attic or garage. Every month, switch these toys with others from storage. You won’t only declutter their shelves and cupboards, but your child will feel like they’re getting new toys each time!


Storage bins
Look at buying or building large open storage boxes for their room. When playtime’s over, it will be easier to round up everything and dump in the bin.   


Wall mounted boxes
Keep clutter off the ground by using wall-boxes or shelves that are difficult for children to reach. These types of shelves are a great way of adding a feature to the room as well, showcasing some of the beautiful things – think wooden toys, books and colourful pieces – that our children play with.

Separating sleep and play
If you have an extra room, float the idea of your kids sharing bedrooms. That way you can dedicate an entire room as a play-space, and restrict most of the mess to one area. It’s also a good way to treat the bedroom as a place only to sleep… so less chance of stirring children at night!    

Include the kids
If you team up with your child to plan how you put things away, you’ll have a better chance of them understanding why it’s good to keep a clean room, and maintaining an organised room themselves. 

The clean-up system
Encourage your kids to include packing up their things as part of their routine. Once they work out that it’s easier to find things, there’s less chance of hurting themselves and they have more space to play in, they may get on board!