Do you have a housewarming party coming up and no idea what to bring as a present? We’ve got you sorted with this fun, quirky and actually useful list of gift ideas.    
  1. Good quality hand wash
    How good is it when you go to someone’s house, use their bathroom or help out in the kitchen and discover their hand-wash is the fancy kind that leaves your skin smelling like rose petals? You could give your friend the chance to be that someone. Good quality hand wash is something you’re always reluctant to buy yourself, but is massively appreciated when someone buys it for you. It’s a great housewarming present that will class-up their bathroom or kitchen immediately. There’s also a 90% chance you’ll end up buying yourself some while you’re at it. 
  2. Spice kit
    The kitchen cooking spices rarely make it into the packing boxes, and if they do, they’re normally a mess when they make it to the other end. Grab a selection of all the essential spices and seasonings (think allspice, cinnamon, bay leaves, nutmeg, black pepper, cumin, paprika, chilli, oregano, curry powder and thyme) and arrange them in a nice box or basket to create a starter kit that will support all of your friend’s most frequently used recipes. Then invite yourself over for dinner the following week. 
  3. Toolkit
    Every house needs a toolkit, even if you don’t realise it until your half way into to assembling your new Ikea bed frame. Putting together a kit for your friend with all the essentials (hammer, multi-bit screw driver, measuring tape, Allen keys, duct tape, nails, screws etc.) is a fun and thoughtful present that will definitely come in handy. Plus, you’ll have a heap of fun selecting everything at a hardware store. And why not add some non-essential items that your friend could definitely use in a handy-man situation, including anti-bacterial wipes, Band-Aids and jelly beans?   
  4. Bottle opener (and wine!) 
    This sneaky little apparatus can often go missing on moving day, and is bound to go missing at the actual housewarming party. Be pro-active and get your friend a nice bottle opener that will become a kitchen-essential. Pair with their favourite wine or beer and you have a pressie that is functional, fun and fermented.
  5. An indoor plant that’s tough to kill
    Ok, so it may be a little cliché to give a plant as a housewarming gift, but it’s a popular choice for good reason. Indoor plants bring life and add interest to a room. But don’t buy a high-maintenance plant that looks great, but will be dead before the thank-you card is sent. Get something that is near-impossible to kill, so it won’t mess with your friend’s feng-shui. Succulents are a great choice, as are lucky bamboo (Dracaena Sanderiana), snake plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata) and the ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia). Buy a fabulous pot and voila!  
  6. Cleaning basket
    This pressie isn’t for everyone (you don’t want to be suggesting your mate is dirty) but if you have that one friend that gets a thrill from a polished surface, it could be a quirky gift that will be loved and utilised. Fill a laundry basket or bucket with an array of cleaning products that will serve them and their new house well. Make sure you grab the stuff they’ll be likely to forget (fabric softener, oven cleaner) and perhaps throw in a quality mop for good measure. Or, if this doesn’t sound like your friend at all (because let’s be honest, cleaning is tiresome) you could buy them a voucher for a cleaning service to help out after the housewarming party.