Once you’re a home owner, it’s important to look after the value of your home. It also doesn’t have to be a major project or expense for you to see the benefits.

Here are tips that could help keep the value of your home on an upward trend.

It starts right from the curb– bringing in a professional once a year can do wonders for your garden. A good landscaper will tell you what suits your house and your lifestyle so that maintaining your garden is a pleasure rather than a pain.

If you’re not blessed with a green thumb, a professional takes care of the harder jobs like pruning and mulching as well as picking the right plants for your location.

You can then spend the rest of the year maintaining it rather than fighting it!

Paint and colour
Once paint starts to fade, the whole house is affected. Every year, look around and spot the areas that need a touch up. It’s certainly one of the cheaper ways to spruce up your home.

New colours can also do wonders for the mood internally but choose carefully!

If your budget is tight, you can clean the house rather than paint it. External walls get dusty very quickly and a high-pressure hose can wash it all away.

Light up the room
Maintaining the light fixtures within your home is important. It’s also another indicator of age so replacing fixtures that look dated can lift a room without too much expense.

This includes light switches and power outlets that are easily available from your local hardware store. Be sure to use a licensed electrician.

Hot & cold
Install temperature-controlling devices such as reverse cycle air conditioning or ceiling fans. Also consider energy efficient and water saving devices throughout your home such as solar hot water, dishwasher, dual flush toilets, rain water tanks and other environmentally friendly options as these add value to your home and are appealing to potential buyers if that time comes.

Replacing blinds and curtains every so often is a good idea. Sunlight tends to fade vibrant curtain colours and can also dull timber blinds giving your home a tired feel.

You can also refresh your kitchen cupboards with a coat of paint and check the fixtures on your windows are working properly.

Finishing touches
Look out for the little things like chipped doorknobs and worn out door handles. These are relatively easy and inexpensive to replace. If it creaks, fix it!

Even consider changing the front door to something nicer and have a look at your tap fittings. You’ll be surprised what a difference these minor fixtures and noises can make once fixed as they’re first impression items reflecting the age of your home.