Building a home can be a very exciting time. It can also be stressful, expensive and daunting if you’ve never done it before. 

For most people, building a home doesn’t happen every day, so it’s important to feel as comfortable as possible along the way.

We asked Rob Stewart, CEO of the Master Builders Association (MBA) South Australia, how to get started when building a home.
Pick your possie
Finding the block of land you want to build on can take time and patience, but it’s certainly worth the effort. That’s why the MBA recommend looking for where you want to buy before you start thinking about what you want the home to look like.
“Remember to think of the big picture. This is where you want to live and enjoy spending your free time, so if you’re happy with your site you’re off to a good start,” Rob says.
Know what you want
When it comes to designing a house, the options are endless – and that can be overwhelming when you’re just starting out. Rob recommends looking at as many different styles as you can, without overloading yourself.
“Make sure you do your homework,” he says.
 “Here’s a few ideas of where to start.
  • Tune into Building Ideas, which screens on Channel 9 every Saturday afternoon during autumn and winter. 
  • Log on to
  • Read the weekly Home magazine in the Sunday Mail. 
“After you’ve done that, you’ll probably have so many different ideas floating around your head you’ll be starting to wonder if it’s all worth it,” Rob says.
“But it’s better to start big and filter down.”
Start the search for your builder
As the client, you’ll be highly involved with the builder over an extended period of time so it’s extremely important to find the right builder for you.

A good place to start is speaking with family and friends who have gone through the building process.  They’ll be able to tell you all of the pros and cons. Ask them about their experiences. 
  • What appealed to them and what didn’t?
  • What was good about their builder and what, if anything wasn’t? 
Now is the time to stay focused, sort through and consolidate all of these ideas to come up with a plan to select the most appropriate builder for you and your project.
If you don’t know anyone that’s built, you can still find out more about how to choose a builder, work on your building budget and some of the paperwork involved.

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