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Graduate Loan

Graduates with a Certificate III or IV, diploma, bachelor degree or higher qualification can buy from as little as 3% deposit or build from 6% deposit.

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Low Deposit Loan

Start sooner with a low deposit option to buy an established home in a metropolitan area. With as little as 3% deposit, you could realise your goal with less money upfront.

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HomeStart Loan

Start with as little as a 5% deposit to buy an existing home or 8% deposit to build with the standard HomeStart Loan. Whether you’re buying your first or next home, you can enjoy no monthly account keeping fees.

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Shared Equity Option

Allows you to borrow 33% more without increasing your repayments. Once you have reached your borrowing limit on a HomeStart home loan, the Shared Equity Option could provide access to additional funds without changing your monthly repayment.

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Seniors Equity Loan

If you’re over 60, you can unlock your home’s equity with a ‘no negative equity’ guarantee through our reverse mortgage. You can also enjoy voluntary repayments and no monthly account keeping fees.

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Wyatt Loan

If you’re on a limited income, the Wyatt Loan could help you cover the upfront costs to get started like deposit, fees and charges. It’s taken in addition to another HomeStart loan, with the Wyatt portion being interest and repayment free for up to five years.

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Advantage Loan

Live where you want sooner with a borrowing boost of up to $45,000 that doesn’t increase your monthly repayments. The Advantage Loan has a lower interest rate comparable to CPI and is an additional loan to a HomeStart loan.

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EquityStart Loan

Current public housing tenants can borrow an additional $50,000 in addition to a HomeStart loan to get started sooner. Purchase on the private market, build or buy an available Housing SA property.

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