It’s called the ‘living room’ for a reason – it’s the room in the house that’s most lived in – the place for TV marathons, slumber parties, where nights out begin and where dinner parties end up. It’s also home to that extra bed you need when someone’s in the doghouse…

And on top of all that, your living room can reveal a lot about you and your personal style.

The Beige Belle
Clean, fresh and restful

The Beige Belle

Who said beige had to be boring? Beige living rooms are very contemporary and mixing up tones and textures is a very modern design choice.

Likes: Natural light, fresh flowers, new magazines and scented candles

Dislikes: Muddy footprints, black dog hair and clutter

Tip: Too much beige can be dull, so make sure if you’re going to go brown, mix up your palette, use different textures and think about having some interesting furniture or accent pieces in the room.

The Vintage Vixen
Colourful, quirky and fun

The Vintage Vixen

Vintage doesn’t mean old! It’s all about being eclectic, taking your favourite elements from past decades (from Art Deco to mid century mod) and layering your room with salvaged and styled treasures.

Likes: Flea markets, Netflix, coffee, bursts of colour and Instagram

Dislikes: Minimalism, reality TV, Ikea and matching anything

Tip: Having an eclectic mix of nic-nacs and art can make the room feel inviting and fun, but if taken too far, will feel overwhelming and cluttered.   

The Jane Austen
Classic and majestic

The Jane Austen

The antique lovers’ house is their castle and a classic living room never goes out of style. Why go for the latest trend in design when you can stick to something traditional and stately? This living room is sure to impress. 

Likes: Earl Grey tea, hard furnishings, beagles and Hugh Grant

Dislikes: Social media, American TV shows, the colour orange and bad manners

Tip: To avoid the room looking like it belongs in a museum, use accent pieces such as modern artwork, to breathe new life into the space.  

The Cabin Fever
Rugged and rustic

The Cabin Fever

You don’t need to live in the Alps to have a log-cabin inspired living room. This style is warm and inviting and can bring a sense of the outdoors, inside.
Likes: Hiking, leather, winter evenings, Labradors and home cooked meals

Dislikes: Cats, iPhones and people who talk too much

Tip: Use soft furnishings to compliment the rigidness of the wood. And, antlers over the fireplace could be overkill (pun intended).

The Modern Muse
Cool and sleek

The Modern Muse

The modern living room is all about clean lines, angles, minimalism and sparing use of colour, and is a great design choice for the no-fuss, stylish type who hate clutter.    

Likes: iPads, sushi, in built surround sound and sci-fi movies

Dislikes: Mess, anything homemade and antiques

Tip: Homely isn’t part of the modern-style, but sometimes (and especially if you have children) the lived-in feel cannot be avoided. Be flexible, and have plenty of storage to hide clutter.

The Urban Outfitter

The Urban Outfitter

You don’t need to be living in a converted warehouse, loft apartment to incorporate this chic style. The industrial feel can be easily adapted into all kinds of homes, with open space, vintage pieces and a mix of raw textiles being key features.  

Likes: Eating out on weekends, art museums, polished concrete, indoor gardens and cold pressed juices

Dislikes: Clichés, pre-mixed drinks and team sports

What is your living room style?