Bumping up the value of your property before listing it on the market can be an expensive task, especially if you want to go down the path of renovations. But there are more cost-effective solutions that will add flair to your home and increase the price tag before it goes on sale. And the best part? They don’t require much time or effort, just a little elbow grease. Here are some ideas:

1. Update the splashback

Kitchens are often the top selling point for buyers, so it’s important they look fresh and modern. One simple way to do this without spending an obscene amount of cash is to update the spashback. It is relatively easy to remove old, dated tiles (think mosaics from the 1960s etc.) and replace them with a clean piece of tinted glass, white subway tiles or even a stainless steel sheet. Simple and clean is the way to go, and you can purchase these kinds of materials from retailers such as Bunnings and either install yourself or have a handyman do it for you.

2. Give it a fresh coat of paint

Another cost-effective way of freshening up your home is simply by giving it a new paint job. Perhaps you have mustard or blush pink walls. Neither of those are going to be appealing to a buyer seeking a sleek, modern home. Giving the property a lick of white paint (or another neutral colour) will open up the space and allow the next owners to style the property how they want without colour clashes. Again, you can opt to do a DIY or hire a handyman to help you with the task for a small cost.

3. Redesign the garden

Rip out the dead shrubs, trim back the overhanging tree branches and plant a bunch of a new greenery that will liven up your front and back yards, and add life to your property. Sellers often underestimate the importance landscaping has on the overall appeal of the property, especially from the street. Front gardens are the first thing people see as they drive by or walk up the path to the front door. There are a number of cost-effective and easy-to-maintain options at your local nursery, gardening store and on spots such as Facebook Buy, Swap, Sell and Gumtree.

4. Rip up the flooring

Carpet can sometimes make a space look outdated, with floating timber floorboards, hardwood floors and any other timber-look products a popular alternative paving the way for modern living – and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can purchase click-together faux timber flooring from places like Bunnings, IKEA and other hardware or homes stores for an affordable price. And they are quite easy to install so you won’t need that handyman. Alternatively, you could get really lucky and find established wood flooring under the old carpet. Who knows what is lying underneath! Either way, updating your flooring is a good way to add value to your home - it looks good, is easy to maintain and saves the next owner money and time having to clean the carpet, especially if they spill red wine on it.

5. Switch out the old lighting

Another hack when adding value to a property is by simply updating your lighting. If you still have an unpleasant glass chandelier from the 1940s hanging in your dining room, it is probably going to clutter the space and make it less attractive to a prospective buyer. Consider switching it out for simple lighting fixture or downlight to declutter the space and remove unwanted eyesores. You can purchase stunning pieces from IKEA and Bunnings from as little as $30. You may even have some luck in your local secondhand store or even eBay.